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- The Irish Punk Rock Radio Show on Belfield FM -

PUNC - Series 4

Episode 8 - Trans & Intersex Pride Ireland

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Meryl Streek continues on an Irish tour: he's playing in Cork on the 15th, Dundalk on Sunday and Derry on Monday. Mhaol play in the disgusting kip known as Workman's on April 15th & will be playing all the songs from Attachment Styles. Nxbxdies play the Grand Social on the 19th. The obnoxious Trinity students known as the Trinitones play Whelan's (???) on April 21st. Jinx Lennon and the Deadlians play Workman's Cellar on the 22nd.

The film Dance Craze is being shown on the 28th in the Lighthouse and you must go. See every ska band you might want to see, and Bad Manners, recorded live on the 2 Tone Tour in 1980.

Conor's News:

Trans & Intersex Pride will be holding a meeting to prepare for this year's pride march. The meeting will take place on April 15th from 3pm to 4pm at Street 66.


Episode 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7:

Under Construction

Episode 1 - Lonely Hearts

Episode one was eaten by the station computer. This seems to be a recurring issue...I can tell you that it was a St Valentine's Day special with a little bit of "fuck the far right", and give you an approximate track listing.

I also must tell you that station manager Aoife stepped up and read the punk news for me in her best RTÉ voice - many thanks to her. Dobbo, watch out.




UK hardcore band Last Wishes are playing on Saturday in the Bello Bar with Bitter Pill, Goon Dhc and Lost To Life on support. Also on Saturday there's another hardcore gig. Worn Out, a hardcore band from Cork, are playing upstairs in Whelan's with Harbinger and Pain in Vain on support. Tickets are 13 euro. Sunday at 4pm, The Thrash Blues are playing in the Wild Duck. Tickets are 12 euro.

Not happening this weekend is the Relapse punk festival down in Cork, which has been cancelled for reasons unknown.

Other: This Saturday a major protest has been organized, a Solidarity March against racism and the far right. The march starts from Parnell Square at half one.

The 1815 football club are having a reintroduction to football and a walking football game on Thursday the 22nd, but it's on during my show so you shouldn't go to it. Phone them at 0871648100 if you're interested in their activities.